Holiday wishes from Assisi Animal Foundation

At this time of year, more than any other, I catch my breath and turn from the hurried pace we all live in, to quiet down, reflect and gather my thoughts. These turn gratefully to you, the precious animals we work with and how the two are inextricably interlaced.

You have made this work possible. Your generosity, your compassion, your patience and friendship have been a life line for animals in want, in jeopardy and often out of time. You have given me needed words of encouragement, and helped the staff know they were doing meaningful work…we’ve all shared the joy of new life starting here, and the sadness of last days and loss. It has all melded together in unforgettable and touching experience.
All you have done and continue to do is received with my sincerest thanks for your evident respect for these lives to whom, you’ve given a precious second chance.

May your holidays be celebrated in health, in the warm and contented company of those you love, with hope for a kinder world for all its wondrous creatures and may life be gentle with you.

– Isabelle Linklater (“Lee”)

Assisi Animal Shelter