1. If I am looking for a particular type of cat or dog, can you let me know if you have one that meets my criteria now or in the future?

Due to our very limited resources, we are unable to fulfill requests on specific pet availability. Please make sure to check our current available pets on adoptapet.com and check back often for additional pets as they become available. Follow us on facebook and instagram for exclusive animal updates.

2. I would love to have a pet, but I am currently unable to care for one – do have an option that might work for me?

Our Armchair Adoption program, may be perfect for you – you can get more information on this program here.

3. Is there a fee to adopt a pet?

Yes, there is. This varies and will be discussed during the visit or initial Phone Call. Our fees are reasonable and do help us defray some of our related expenses and help us to ensure the welfare of all the animals we bring in. Animals for adoption are spayed or neutered, have appropriate shots and have been examined by our veterinarian. Medical history of any dog or cat will available during the adoption process.